Homework Five

Assigned 4/24/03, due noon 5/3/03

It is time to start pinning down your term project. At this point we want you to:

Please remember that you will be showing off your creation at the Game Design Course Party, June 6st, 4pm -- 9pm, instead of a final exam.  The CS department and industry game developers will be invited, so it should be great fun.  But, given this hard "ship date", you'll need to plan more carefully than you may be used to.  That is what this part of the homework assignment is about.  

Good planning is an important ingredient in any successful project.   Given the short timeframe you are working in and the other constraints on your time, creating a workable plan is even more important.  Consequently, what we want from you (i.e., each team) this week are the following things:

A Prospectus of somewhere between three and ten pages, describing your proposed project.  You need to state who will be involved, what the project is, why it is interesting, what you will do, and what you will learn from it.  

A Gantt chart for your project. A Gantt chart identifies the tasks necessary to complete a project and the relationships that hold between them.  To learn how to lay out a Gantt chart, you will use Microsoft Project, which is installed in the CS Lab.  The tutorial material it contains provides all the information you need about Gantt charts.  Your Gantt chart needs to include the following information:

Your homework submission should be the prospectus as a self-contained Microsoft Word document, and the .mpp file you create with Project.

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