CS-394/495 Autonomic Computing Systems
Winter 2006

Course Schedule


Here you will find a list of the papers we will discuss and their scheduled dates. The list is a work-in-progress, so please feel free to suggest new readings, modifications to the schedule, etc. There will also be a complementary list with interesting related papers we will not have time to cover in class.


  1. Introduction:

    • Introduction to the course & Student introductions - Jan. 9
  2. Vision

    Optional readings:

  3. The administrator perspective

    Optional readings:

  4. Operating systems

    Optional readings:

  5. Storage systems

    Optional readings:

  6. System composition and morphing

    Optional readings:

  7. Availability and performance

    Optional readings:

  8. Protection and security

  9. Nature inspired

    Optional readings:

    Final project presentations:

    • Presentations - TBA

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