Siggraph Workshop
Reseach Paper Outline



What did we try to do?
Who would benefit?
Previous Work:
What related work have other people done?
When do previous approaches fail/succeed?
What approach did we try?
Under what circumstances do we think it should work well?
Why do we think it should work well under those circumstances?


What pieces had to be implemented to execute our approach?
For each piece ...
Were there several possible implementations?
If there are several possibilities, what are the advantages/disadvantages of each?
Which implementation(s) did we do? Why?
What did we implement? (Include detailed descriptions)
What didn't we implement? Why not?


How did we measure success?
What experiments did we execute?
Provide quantitative results.
What do my results indicate?


Overall, is the approach we took promising?
What different approach or variant of this approach is better?
What follow-up work should be done next?
What did we learn by doing this project?