Note: Papers are also available at either Northwestern University's ACM Portal or at Citeseer
Presentations will be 15 minutes each. They should center around the main idea, and the novelty of it. Emphasis should be placed on how this work can be applied to Computer Graphics.

Week 1

   Tuesday January 4th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapters 1 & 2, Appendix A
   Lecture & Discussion: Course Logistics, Introduction, IRB

   Thursday January 6th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 2

   Tuesday January 11th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 3, Appendix C
   Lecture & Discussion: Color Vision

   Thursday January 13th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 3

   Tuesday January 18th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 4
   Lecture & Discussion: Processing Image Structure

   Thursday January 20th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 4

   Tuesday January 25th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 5
   Lecture & Discussion: Perceiving Surfaces Oriented in Depth

   Thursday January 27th
   Paper Presentations:

  • Paper- Who
  • Paper- Who

Week 5

   Tuesday February 1st
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 6
   Lecture & Discussion: Organizing Objects and Scenes

   Thursday February 3rd
   Paper Presentations:

  • Mohan and Nevatia, Using Perceptual Organization to Extract 3D Structures, 1989- Who
  • Jacobs, Grouping for Recognition, MIT AI Lab Memo No,1177- Who
  • Lowe, Perceptual Organization and Visual Recognition, 1985- Who

Week 6

   Tuesday February 8th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 7
   Lecture & Discussion: Perceiving Object Properties

   Thursday February 10th
   Paper Presentations:

  • Paper- Who
  • Paper- Who

Week 7

   Tuesday February 15th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 8
   Lecture & Discussion: Representing Shape and Structure

   Thursday February 17th
   Paper Presentations:

  • Perceptual Illumination Components: A New Approach to Efficient, High Quality Global Illumination Rendering - Who
  • Paper- Who

Week 8

   Tuesday February 22th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 9
   Lecture & Discussion: Perceiving Function and Category

   Thursday February 24th
   Paper Presentations:

  • Paper- Who
  • Paper- Who

Week 9

   Tuesday March 1st
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 10
   Lecture & Discussion: Perceiving Motion and Events

   Thursday March 3rd
   Paper Presentations:

  • Paper- Who
  • Paper- Who

Week 10

   Tuesday March 8th
   Reading: Vision Science, Chapter 11
   Lecture: Visual Selection

   Thursday March 10th
   Paper Presentations:

  • Levin and Simons, Failure to detect changes to attended objects in motion pictures, 1997- Who
  • Rensink, O'Regan and Clark. To see or not to see: The need for attention to perceive changes in scenes, 1997- Who

Week 11
(Finals Week)

The class will meet at the final exam time for project presentations.