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Course and Teacher Evaluations for COMP_SCI Fall Quarter 2004-2005

COMP_SCI: Computer Science

Bruce Gooch
130-0 section 20: Tools and Technology of the World-Wide Web

Fall 2004-2005

29 students enrolled
65.5% responded

Multiple Choice Questions

key to questions: 1 is low, 6 is high
Response Rate

1. Instruction: overall rating19/29
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2. Course: overall rating19/29
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3. Amount learned in course19/29
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4. Level of intellectual challenge19/29
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5. Interest stimulated in course19/29
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6. Time spent per week19/29
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Gooch seems like a good guy, but he's a pretty unorganized lecturer. A lot of times you have to teach yourself how to do stuff, because you don't accomplish much in class. I still learned a lot, even though I felt like there was so much more I could have learned, had the class been more organized./ Easiest course ever, and Bruce is a great guy, but you might be a little lost if you're new to Web design. I would have liked to learn more, but overall I give this course a "Right on!"/ This was a great course. The grading is liberal, and while it is fairly easy to coast through, this course is one of those rare opportunities where you can learn an enormous amount about something very practical without having to worry about a curve. I would recommend anyone to take this course with Gooch; he's probably the best professsor I've had in my four years at Northwestern./ good class, lots of fun, lots of projects that help you learn how to do this stuff/ Gooch is a greater teacher though he may say he's not. He really cares that you get it. / great class... especially if you already know HTML... it's a guaranteed A/ Frustrating because the prof could not answer many of our questions and left us hanging. He was very understanding about technical issues./ Bruce is a really really great guy, and I learned so much from this class. / Professor Gooch is great, in that he is easy-going and nice. Class seemed slightly unstructured, but homework assignments were fun and enjoyable. Definately a do-able class for non CS majors. I would recommend it highly./ Good introductory course on web design. Highly recommended to acquire this skill. But professor does not really teach a lot in class and msot of us figure things out on our own using web tutorials. / Awesome class. I learned a lot about html, javascript, php, etc. Assignments don't feel like work, since you are interested in doing them. Gooch is the man./ Good intro to web design, no previous experience needed, although it helps. Expect to do a lot of independent learning because Prof. Gooch is not an expert in html./ Bruce is entertaining and knows a lot about web design. he keeps the class interesting. so if you want to learn how to build a good website, take it with him./ Beware. Even though this class may seem to be effortless and sound pretty easy, it is a BIG time commitment. You will find yourself spending hours on assignments. It is a teach-yourself class too. The assignments were a bit random and the lectures disorganized./ This course is easy and you will learn how to design a website - very cool thing to know. The class can be fun, too. Professor Gooch is easy-going and a very fair grader. He is not well-prepared for class, however - hope that Sanjay comes in or that you can look it up online for some assignments.
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