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Course and Teacher Evaluations for COMP_SCI Fall Quarter 2003-2004

COMP_SCI: Computer Science

Bruce Gooch
130-0 section 20: Tools and Technology of the World-Wide Web

Fall 2003-2004

24 students enrolled
54.2% responded

Multiple Choice Questions

key to questions: 1 is low, 6 is high
Response Rate

1. Instruction: overall rating13/24
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2. Course: overall rating13/24
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3. Amount learned in course13/24
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4. Level of intellectual challenge13/24
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5. Interest stimulated in course13/24
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6. Time spent per week13/24
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Fun class, fun final product! Take this for an easy CS class!/ this was a great class! prof. gooch and sanjay make the entire experience stress-free. i knew nothing...that's right, nothing...about web-page design before taking this class, and i was guided along at my own pace. Really great class, really easy to get an "A" if you do the work. Take this class!/ overall easy class, mac useres beware, b/c the TA demonstrates and grades on a pc. There are some compatability issues that may effect you grade and frustrate the heck out of you./ Bruce is the nicest guy ever!! This class is interesting and certainly useful if you ever want to make a website. It can be challenging at times, but if you're willing to ask questions and do a bit of self-teaching from the web, it's easy. There's no text, no reading, no papers and no exams!/ Great course, learned a lot about creating web pages and web design which I am sure to use in the future/ Prof Gooch is really cool and nice, but the course itself isn't the most interesting or most helpful. I definitely think it can be constructed in a manner so that it's more productive and effective. Moreover, it was just frustrating cuz both the Professor and TA assumed that all the students knowledge level was higher than it actually was./ Fun class, perfect for someone with no knowledge of HTML./ Great course that did the job it set out to do. You don't need to know anything about web design and when you're done you can design great stuff. Really great way to kill a math requirement./ This class was awesome. I learned so much and am very excited to now say that I can make HTML webpages (good for resume). I'd definitely take this class if you have any remote interest in making your own webpage for anything. Sanjay was a great TA-very helpful and willing to explain to the less technologically adept. But beware the people who take this class and clearly have already mastered making webpages or the like! That was the worst part of the class. Other than that, as Professor Gooch would say, "Right on!"/ This was a ridiculously easy class. It was fun, and professor gooch is a great guy. sanjay was a great TA. Even if you have no prior knowledge of computers, this is a great class to take if interested in web based design./ This is a great class, especially for those who don’t know anything about building websites. The professor is very nice and laid-back. Both he and the TA were willing to help with any questions. This is a very manageable computer class for people who aren’t into computers.
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Response Rate: 13/24 Response Rate: 13/24Response Rate: 13/24
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