Project 5 : Ball Animation

Reading: Chapters 12 (Chapter 13 is optional) Maya Manual as needed

The goal of this assignment is to practice giving weight to an inanimate object. Working in the same groups as last week, you will animate three different bouncing balls.

What to do

    Grab the file: Balls.mb
    You will use the same file for all three animations;
  1. Bouncing Ball
    Create a sphere with the default shading and lighting. Create three similar SHORT animations that show the difference between the following types of balls bouncing:
    1. A normal rubber ball.
    2. A beach ball.
    3. A bowling ball.

What we're looking for

  1. This is a warm-up to get you thinking about weight, timing, and squash-and-stretch. Each animation should unmistakeably convey the type of ball using only its motion. (Do NOT shade or light the ball or its environment!)

In summary, you should handin the files listed below to Blackboard
To handin a file (click thru the following menu options):