Using Render View:
Thru the menu:

Window > Rendering Editors > Render View

In that new window:

Options > Render Globals
   Change filename
   Change image format to tif
   Change resolution to 640x480
 Close window

Render an image by:
Render > Render > persp  (or whatever view you want)

The file will be placed in the project's "images" folder. 
You can't use Polygonal Texturing on NURBS object:    
   1) Use Modify > Convert > NURBS to Polygon
   2) ... well... it seems that planar mapping works & I found a link below.


Once you have UVs assigned  and you have applied a texture
you can Switch to component type (F8) and then click on the round dot (uv Param points). You can  then drag and select them.  Next try :
   Window > UV Texture Editor

In that window you can scale, rotate your UVs to change the texture parameterization.

Read up on UV Texture Editor in the Maya documentation


Key Bindings:
4 = wireframe
5 = smooth shaded (with default lighting)
6 = smooth shaded with hardware texture mapping (with default lighting)
7 = smooth shaded with textures and lights you have provided

F8 : swtich between component type vs object type
F9 : vertices
F10 : edges
F11 : faces


In the Maya documentation:
    (accessible as )
   Shading > Textures in Maya