Mainframe Window

This window renders the scenes and the animations.  The rendering of the scene can be controlled with various options available on the toolbar.

Control Toolbar

LCA allows the rendering of the scene to be controlled by various parameters. Some of the controls are:

  1. Camera Position ( Viewer Pos )
  2. The aiming direction of camera ( Lookat )
  3. Rotation of Camera around x-y axis ( Left,Right,Up, Down ) : This allows the scene to be viewed from various angles.
  4. Scaling of scene ( Scale scrollbar )
  5. Translation of Entire Scene ( L,U,D,R )
  6. Toggle Axis : Toggles Display of x,y,z axis indicators
  7. Toggle Wireframe : Toggles wireframe view of the entire scene. Using this, the actual wireframe used for constructing various objects can be viewed.
  8. Rotate Camera: This animats the camera around the y-axis, animating the scene and giving a view of the scene from all directions.
  9. Load a Scene...  : This allows loading various scripting files to be rendered in LCA.
  10. Lights... : This opens the Lights Setup toolbar, using which various light sources and their parameters can be setup and adjusted.( see the section below )
  11. Action... : This starts the animation mentioned in the script file.

The Light Configuration Toolbar

Allows creation of light sources and adjustment of various lighting parameters.