Scripting Language

The software features a complete scripting language, which allows creation of variety of scenes. The following describes the basics of the scripting language. Please refer to the sample script files for exploring further possibilities.

Description of objects

An object definition looks like this :



colour 255 128 128  # specify colour for object

wireframe 16             # specify wireframe accuracy

sphere 0 0 0 10         # generate wireframe for sphere  



3D Transformations


After defining each object , it can also be transformed in 3D.

For transformation following commands are provided :



rotatex            # Rotate around X ľAxis

rotatey            # Rotate around Y ľAxis

rotatez            # Rotate around Z ľAxis


Please see the Demo files to see the how these commands work.



Each object can be animated individually. After defining the object ,

a translation path can be specified along which to move the object. 

Besides translation , the object can also be rotated around the desired axis.

Please see the DEMO files for more details for lots of other features and commands.