CS474 Computer Graphics Assignment




Following Assignments were implemented


1.    Bezier Curves

2.    B-Spline Curves

3.    2-D Affine Transformations


The above three are Implemented in a flexible framework in which algorithms can be implemented easily with automatic rendering. Features an easy to use and attractive GUI.


4.    Bresenham’s Algo for circle

5.    Fractal Trees

6.    Fractals – Mandelbrot set



In addition the following project was developed :


Lights…  Camera… Action…


A polygon based 3D Rendering and Animation Package which implements various techniques including :


1.      Perspective View

2.      3D Transformations

3.      Illumination Models including Ambient , Diffusion and Specular

4.      3D objects stored as polygons

5.      Wireframe generation of desired accuracy for smooth shading

6.      Basic objects like cubiod , sphere , cylinder , cone etc. generated using wireframes.

7.      Solid Object Generation includes other objects like a donut ( torus ) , superellipses of various kinds.

8.      3D Fractal Terrain Generation with adjustable roughness

9.      3D Fractal Trees of various kinds

10. 3D Animation including straight line and curvilinear motion.

11. Hidden surface removal using Normal method and Sorting Techniques


A separate report for the last software is included.