3D Scene Gallery

This page shows some sample scenes created with the scripting language of the software. The variety of scenes shown here demonstrate the capabilities of the software.

Click on the thumbnails to enlarge the scenes.


City View

This is a city scene created with the in-built scripting language. It shows the flexibility of the scripting language , which allows creation of a complex scene like this. The city features many trees, a golf course, market place, swimming pool, a temple, a monument, residential places and other objects


City View

A side view of the city

City View

A top view of the city

Four Spheres

4 multicolored spheres. An animation is also available in the animation gallery

A tilted Cone

This shows the transformation and modeling features of the software. Using the "cone" command, a cone can be created with appropriate lighting models. Then the object can be transformed , for example, the cone has been rotated around the y axis to give it a tilt. A camera rotation animation is also available in the Animation Gallery


Wireframe view of donut


An Egyptian setting ( with trees )

This is an interesting compund object scene. It features a rough terrain created with the "terrain" command, with pyramids and trees on the terrain. The actual script also contains an interesting animation, which shows a sunrise and sunset, creating interesting lighting effects over the scene.

Top view of Egyptian setting

Side view of Egyptian Setting

Haunted Hourglass

This is an hourglass created with multiple objects. An interesting lighting animated is also featured in the Animation Gallery.

Wireframe view of the Haunted Hourglass


Rainbow Effect on Sphere

Wireframe of sphere

Rocket Launch

Rocket Launch at an advanced stage

An interesting sphere structure

See the corresponding animation in the Animation Gallery


The Solar System

See the animation in the Animation Gallery. This one features curvilinear motion of spheres.



Trees ( 3D fractals )

This shows the tree generation capabilites of the software. By varying parameters, a variety of trees can be created, as shown in this scene.