Full conference publications (refereed):

 C. Woolley, D. Luebke, B.A. Watson, A. Dayal (2003). Interruptible rendering (pdf) (video). Proc. ACM Interactive 3D Graphics (Monterey, April), 143-151.

Short conference publications (refereed):

 A. Dayal, B.A. Watson & D. Luebke (2002).  Improving frameless rendering by focusing on change (pdf) (video).  Technical sketch, ACM SIGGRAPH 2002 Conference Abstracts and Applications, (San Antonio, July), 201.

Invited journal publications:

 B.A Watson, D. Luebke, A. Dayal & C. Woolley (2004). Improving adaptive display with temporally adaptive rendering (pdf). Cyberpsychology & Behavior, to appear.

Technical reports:

 Dayal, Adhinav; Woolley, Cliff; Luebke, David; Watson, Benjamin, Temporally Adaptive Frameless Rendering, NWU-CS-04-47, ABSTRACT (video)

In Preparation:

 A. Dayal, C. Woolley, B.A. Watson & D. Luebke (2004). Adaptive frameless rendering. (pdf) (video) Targeted for SIGGRAPH 2005.


 Visualization of Phylogenetic trees. (pdf) Report for Work Study in the Bioinformatics course under Dr. Ming Kao.

 A survey on Adaptive methods of Antialiasing and Progressive Refinement in Ray Tracing (pdf), done as part of Advanced Graphics course under Dr. Benjamin Watson.

 3D Scanning: From Physical Objects to Computer Models (pdf), done as part of Advanced Grapgics course under Dr. Benjamin Watson.