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The research groups in the Computer Science Department include:

Group NameHeaded by
Algorithms and Applications Research GroupProf. Ming Kao
AquaLab - Research in Distributed ComputingProf. Fabián Bustamante
ArticuLabProf. Justine Cassell
Autonomous Mobile Robotics GroupProf. Ian Horswill
Center for Connected Learning and Computer Based ModelingProf. Uri Wilensky
Graphics GroupProfessors Watson, Tumblin and Gooch
Information Technology Development LaboratoryProf. Kristian Hammond
Intelligent Information LaboratoryProf. Kristian Hammond
Interactive Entertainment GroupProfessors Horswill and Forbus
Lab for Internet and Security TechnologyProf. Chen
Qualitative Reasoning GroupProf. Kenneth Forbus
Northwestern Systems Research GroupProfessors Bustamante, Dennis and Dinda
Prescience LabProf. Peter Dinda
Realism LabProf. Ben Watson
Tomorrow LabProf. Bruce Gooch
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