Friday April 14th @ 2:30


Computer Science Department

 3rd Floor Classroom

1890 Maple Avenue



Bernie Yee is currently Director of Programming at Sony Online Entertainment, publishers of EverQuest and the upcoming MMP strategy game, Sovereign.  His past management endeavors include work as Director of Creative Development at Disney Online/ABC Online, and Director of Product Development at ABC Interactive, which developed and published 1997's PC Football Game of the year, Monday Night Football '98. 


Doug Church, most recently with Looking Glass Studios, has been making games for about 10 years. He has been project leader, programmer, and designer on many titles. PC Gamers' recent list of the top 50 PC games of all time included four of his games, three of them in the top twenty: Ultima Underworld (I & II), System Shock, and Thief: the Dark Project.


The talk will be followed by an informal Q&A session/reception, with food and beverages to be served


Ever wonder what it's like to work on video games?  Ever dream of doing it?  Join us Friday for a frank discussion of the computer game industry. Bernie Yee of Sony Online and Doug Church of Looking Glass Studios will touch on some of the major issues that game designers and developers face, now and in the future.


In particular, this talk will focus on what's involved in taking an academic approach to deal with real development problems.  How can research and work in academia be helpful in the "real world" development process? How do the business realities of working in the industry affect this process, and how can academia "tune itself" into the realities of the industry, prepare students and define new research problems?



Academia and the Realities of Game Development