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Special Programs in Computer Science

Computer Science majors in the McCormick School of Engineering have access to several special programs:

Cooperative Engineering-Education Program

Cooperative engineering education is designed to provide alternate periods of industrial experience and classroom work for undergraduate students in all departments of engineering and applied science. During 18 months of industrial employment, a student is afforded the opportunity of applying theory while gaining practical experience. The perspective gained enables the student to develop an understanding of the responsibilities of his future professional career. Details of the cooperative program can be obtained on request.

Technological Institute Honors Program in Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Honors Program
Students with a good scholastic record may be admitted to the Undergraduate Honors Program any time during the junior or pre-senior year. At the time of admission, the student must have a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or better. Any student who becomes eligible will be so notified by the Dean. An honors student participating in the program must complete at least three units of approved advanced study (including courses normally accepted at the graduate level) with an average grade of B or better, and complete an extended independent study project (at least two quarters on the same topic) leading to an acceptable report.

Successful completion of one of the Honors programs will be noted on the student's transcript. Recognition will also be given in the commencement program. If a student's individually evaluated performance is not judged to meet the standards of success, the student will receive course grades and credits as earned.
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