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Computing and Information Systems Curriculum

The Department of Computer Science requires CS and CIS students to complete a 2-quarter project. This project must be taken for credit as part of some combination of the courses listed below and/or CS 399's.

Course Name Instructor
CS 330 Human Computer Interaction Ben Watson/Louis Gomez
CS 338 Practicum in Intelligent Information Systems Larry Birnbaum/Kris Hammond
CS 339 Intro to Database Systems Peter Dinda
CS 340 Intro to Networking Peter Dinda
CS 344 Design of Computer Problem Solvers Ken Forbus
CS 370 Computer Game Design Ken Forbus
CS 395 Human Centered Product Design Don Norman
CS 395 Projects with NetLogo Uri Wilensky
CS 395 Advanced Graphics Jack Tumblin/Ben Watson
CS 395 Graphics and Perception Bruce Gooch
CS 395 Image Based Rendering and Modeling Jack Tumblin
CS 395 Algorithmic Techniques for Bioinformatics Ming-Yang Kao
CS 395 Dynamic Behavior of App. Hosts and Networks Peter Dinda
CS 395 Interactive Graphics for Computer Games Ben Watson
CS 395 Behavior Based Robotics Ian Horswill
CS 395 Internet Security Yan Chen
CS 395 Non-Photorealistic Rendering Bruce Gooch
CS 395 Resource Virtualization Peter Dinda
CS 395 Content Management Systems Brian Dennis
CS 430 Design of Interactive Learning Environments Danny Edelson
ECE 397 Intro to Real-Time Systems (Winter 2004) Peter Dinda
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