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Registration Tips - Spring Quarter, 2005

    CS Department policy on waiting lists and closed courses:

    • Advance Registration for students begins Monday, February 21st, 2005. Check the registrar's website to find out your registration time:
      Northwestern Registration Web Site -

    • All Tech undergraduates must return a completed, signed, and dated Study Plan to Tech L269 in order for their registration hold to be lifted.

    • Once the maximum enrollment has been reached on CAESAR, a course will be deemed "closed" and a waiting list will be placed in the department (outside Rm 352). Once a course is closed, the "consent" requirement on CAESAR will be changed so that only students with department consent (i.e., a permission #) will be able to register.

    • Students must add themselves to waiting lists in person - no phone or email requests will be honored. Please be sure to fill in your waiting list entry completely and legibly.... any illegible information will be disregarded.

    • Students with poor registration times are encouraged to check the enrollment figures on CAESAR frequently - in most cases, being at the top of the waiting list is more advantageous than being at the bottom.

    • Decisions about adding students off of waiting lists and expanding enrollments varies by course. Likewise, if a class is to be expanded, the method of adding students off of the waiting list (i.e., if priority will be given to seniors or to majors) also varies by course and instructor.

    • If, after a course has initially closed, and during the open registration period, any of the originally enrolled students drops the course for any reason, permission numbers will be assigned to the first students on the list to increase the enrollment to its original maximum.

    • The assignment of permission #'s will usually be done via email by the end of the add deadline. If you haven't been offered a number by the department over email, please don't call or email us - we will contact you.

    • For 399s, permission #s are required for registration. Please have your 399 advisor email Marleen King ( with his/her consent. After the advisor's consent has been received, permission #s will be issued.

    For more information regarding registration, please contact Marleen King (
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