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Registration FAQ

This FAQ contains answers to questions commonly asked at registration time. It will be updated very often, so please check back soon!
  1. Q: How do I fill out the Area of Specialization in the Application for a Bachelor's degree?
    A: You don't. It's irrelevant to Computer Science majors. Just leave it blank.

  2. Q: Is Physics A35-2 required by CS?
    A: No. CS just requires the 4 sciences required by Tech.

  3. Q: Where do I get permission #'s for 399/independent studies?
    A: If you have the instructor's permission to take the course, you can get a permission # from Marleen King (

  4. Q: How do I get into a CS course that is full?
    A: If a course fills up during registration, a waiting list will be placed on the wall inside the CS Department door, you may place yourself on that list. Expanding a class to accommodate students off of the waiting list is a decision that varies by course. If a class is to be expanded, the appropriate number of students from the waiting list will be given permission numbers to add into the courses, in a first-come, first-served fashion, unless otherwise specified by the department or instructor.

  5. Q: How long do I have to add courses into my schedule?
    A: The add period will last for one week, from the first day of classes, each quarter. During that time, using CAESAR, you may add, drop, or swap any courses that are listed as open.  To register for any courses that are closed or require permission, you must obtain a permission # from Marleen King ( before registering on CAESAR.

If you think there's a question that should be included here, please contact your advisor, and the question along with an answer will be added to this page. Thanks!
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