CS 395
Workflow Task 2

Strut Your Stuff

Take your book order web app and "strut-ify" it. That means, among other things,

Because we didn't discuss them in class yet, I leave it for you to look at how ActionForm's are used and how the ActionForm for the book order form differs from BookOrder.

If you get the above working, then the next step is to clean up the HTML and JSP pages. Use the Struts tags to show information, as much as possible, e.g.,

For all of the above, use the following resources to see what things look like:

The banking example is available at the book web site.


When the above is working, create and send a Zip file with your webapp's folder. Do not include .jar and class files please. I want just text files, i.e., Java, JSP, XML, CSS, and so on.

Email the Zip file to c-riesbeck@northwestern.edu with Subject CS 395: Task 2. In the body of the email, describe the steps you went through, including missteps, surprises, and compromises.