CS 395
Workflow Task 1

Set Up Struts

You will need to install on your machine

When the above are downloaded, installed, and tested, send email to c-riesbeck@northwestern.edu with Subject CS 395: Task 1 Set Up and the following information in the body of the form:

Operating System: e.g., Windows XP Pro
Java Version: e.g., Java 1.4.1
Tomcat Version: e.g., Tomcat 5.0.17
Struts Version: e.g., Struts 1.1
Problems: any problems you ran into during this task


To get Java, go to http://java.sun.com/j2se/1.4.2/download.html. If you already have Java 1.4 (SE or EE), you can skip this step. Download both Java and the Java documentation. Install Java first, then extract the Java documentation files into the folder "docs" in the folder that holds Java. For example, if Java is j2sdk1.4.0, then put the documentation files in j2sdk1.4.0/docs.

To get Tomcat and Struts, go to http://jakarta.apache.org/site/binindex.cgi. Search for "tomcat 5" and click on either the .exe or .zip version. The .exe file is an installer and easier for Windows users.

You get Struts from the same site. There's only a Zip version.

All of the above have installation instructions.


Install Java first. In the Java directory open demo/docs/index.html in your browser. Try some of the demos. If they work, Java is installed correctly.

Then install Tomcat.

If you have Windows NT, 2000, or XP, and use the .exe installer, and it gives the option of installing Tomcat as a "service," say "No" unless you know what you're doing.

For Windows users, if Tomcat is correctly installed, you should have a Start menu item under Programs for Apache Tomcat to start Tomcat. Start it, open a browser, and type http://localhost:8080. If the Tomcat start page appears, Tomcat is working. Run some of the example JSP applications available from the Tomcat start page to make sure they work too.

Install Struts. Extract the files into some directory, e.g., java/jakarta-struts/. In that directory, find webapps/struts-example.war. Copy that file in the webapps directory of your Tomcat installation. Start Tomcat, open a browser, and type http://localhost:8080/struts-example. If you get an opening page, then Struts is probably working.