CS 395
Workflow Modeling

Location: 1890 Maple Rm 381
Time: TTh 2:00PM - 3:30PM
Newsgroup: cs.395-wf
Instructor: Chris Riesbeck
Computer Science Department
1890 Maple Ave, #348


For all sorts of questions/clarifications about subject matter, assignment, etc., use the newsgroup. You are responsible for checking the newsgroup and website regularly.

When -- and only when -- the newsgroup server is down, check the Blackboard site for announcements and discussions.

For an overview of the topics in this course, see the original ad for the course.

For more information about workflow and workflow engines, check the Workflow Resource page. You should also look at my notes on the dynamic action forms and validators.

This is a programming-intensive course that makes heavy use of Java. You should either know Java already, or know C++ and be a good learner of programming languages.

In this course, you will be required to:

There are no exams.


Task 1: Set Up -- Due: Tuesday, April 6, before class

Task 2: Strut Your Stuff -- Due Thursday April 29 or sooner

Task 3: Process This! -- Stage 1 Due Tuesday May 11

Presentation Schedule -- Remember: all topics must be approved by me first