Fall 2002 - CS 395-0-23 & CS 495-0-23

Scripting Languages - Brian Dennis

The goal of this course is to expose students to scripting language technology so that they can successfully apply it in future projects. We will come up with a definition of a scripting language, what tasks they are applicable to, and apply one in actual development.

The course will use in class group exercises, 2 to 3 programming assignments, and a final development project to gain real world experience scripting. While the course will focus on high level ideas applicable to all scripting languages, we will use the Perl programming language as our vehicle for development. Note that the class is not specifically about programming in Perl and students will be expected to pick up quite a bit of the language on their own.

Students should have experience in programming in another language such that they are self sufficient in terms of finding, installing, learning, and using new development tools and environments. CS 311 or permission of instructor is a prerequisite. Experienced Perl hackers are also welcome.