Note: Papers are also available at either Northwestern University's ACM Portal or at Citeseer
Presentations will be 15 minutes each. They should center around the main idea, and the novelty of it. Emphasis is also on the future work, and what was missed.

Week 1

   Tuesday January 6th
   Reading: Gooch & Gooch, Chapter 7
   Lecture: Course Logistics, Silhouette Algorithims

   Thursday January 8th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 2

   Tuesday January 13th
   Reading: An Invitation to Discuss Computer Depiction, Durand
   Lecture: Neurological Basis of Aesthetics for Computer Graphics,
   Paper Presentation: Rendering Effective Route Maps: Improving Usability Through Generalization, Agrawala and Stolte

   Thursday January 15th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 3

   Tuesday January 20th
   Reading: Gooch & Gooch, Chapters 3 & 9
   Lecture: Painterly Rendering
   Paper Presentation: Image Analogies, Hertzmann et al.

   Thursday January 22th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 4

   Tuesday January 27th
   Reading: Gooch & Gooch, Chapter 2
   Lecture: Simulating Physical Media and Halftoning
   Paper Presentation: Weighted Voronoi Stippling, Secord

   Thursday January 29th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 5

   Tuesday February 3rd
   Reading: Gooch & Gooch, Chapters 4
   Lecture: Interaction
   Paper Presentation: Walk-Through Illustrations:Frame-Coherent Pen-and-Ink Style in a Game Engine,Freudenberg et al.

   Thursday February 5th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 6

   Tuesday February 10th
   Reading: Gooch & Gooch, Chapter 6
   Lecture: Animation
   Paper Presentation: Turning to the Masters: Motion Capturing Cartoons, Bregler et al.

   Thursday February 12th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 7

   Tuesday February 17th
   Reading: Gooch & Gooch, Chapter 8
   Lecture: Illustration
   Paper Presentation: Designing Effective Step-By-Step Assembly Instructions, Agrawala et al.

   Thursday February 19th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 8

   Tuesday February 23rd
   Reading: Gooch & Gooch, Chapter 5
   Lecture: Modeling & Image Based Methods
   Paper Presentation: Bringing the Advantages of 3D Distortion Viewing into Focus, Carpendale et al.

   Thursday February 25th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 9

   Tuesday March 2nd
   Lecture: Texture and Tiling

   Thursday March 4th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 10

   Tuesday March 9th
   Lecture: Visualization
   Paper Presentation: Perception and painting: a search for effective, engaging visualizations, Healey & Enns

   Thursday March 11th
   Paper Presentations:

Week 11
(Finals Week)

The class will meet at the final exam time for project presentations.