CS 395 Exercise 6: Chance Operations

Out: Thursday, March 11
Due: Wednesday, March 17



This assignment is open-ended.  You should use the randomization techniques discussed in class to build a system that constructs artworks through chance operations.  You may work in any medium you like.  We gave examples in class of the use of chance techniques for sentence construction and for the construction of leading for ersatz stained-glass windows.  You are free to work in either of these domains, or to work in a completely different domain, if you like.  For example, you could use chance operations to construct patterns within the procedural painting language used in assignment 4.  Or, you could even operate in a non-visual/non-linguistic medium, although if you do that, you should talk to Ian first.


Obviously, it would be easy to do a lame assignment here by just copying the surrealist sentence generator from class and slightly modifying it.  You don't get to do that.  Whatever you do, you should put some work into making the system generate interesting random compositions.  Here are the particular requirements for the assignment:

Turning it in

For this assignment, you should just turn in your .meta file.  Make sure that your file contains:

Don't include any images in the file, since they would make the file too big.