StarLogo is a project out of the Epistemology and Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab. A good place to start is the home page for the project, at

From the home page, download StarLogo and check out the "Getting Started" documentation for a quick overview. StarLogo comes with a good set of examples, each of which includes instructions on how to use the example and some simple questions to think about. If you’re interested, check these out.

The required reading for this week, handed out in class, comes from Seymour Papert’s "Mindstorms" and describes learning in Logo, the system which spawned StarLogo. I personally suggest becoming a little bit familiar with StarLogo before doing the reading (if you’re not already familiar with Logo); the reading will make a bit more sense with that background.

Also, walk through the tutorial provided on the StarLogo documentation page, which gives the details on how to program a simple termite colony. The termite colony is one of the examples that comes with StarLogo, but it’s better to work through the tutorial than to just look at the finished product.