"Is It a Rembrandt?" is a goal-based scenario developed by ILS for use by the art history department at Northwestern. A brief overview of the software appears on the ILS web page at http://www.ils.nwu.edu/research/ILSResearch.html.

Rembrandt is available on CD, a few copies of which were distributed in class. The CD is also running on the class Mac. There are three paintings you can examine; Woman at a Half-Door, the second of the three, has the most video. You need not complete an attribution, but please use the software long enough to collect evidence and receive feedback.

The assigned reading for Rembrandt, handed out in class, is an excerpt from Wolff Dobson’s dissertation. And actually, it’s not even about Rembrandt. Wolff wrote the tool with which Rembrandt was created, and that tool was used to create a number of different applications. The application you’ll read about here is called "Volcano Investigator," which should help you think about the overall architecture.