The Progress Portfolio is part of the Supportive Inquiry-Based Learning Environments (SIBLE) project here at Northwestern. The home page for the project is at

Download the software from (If I’m on the ball, the software will already be downloaded to the class mac.) You’ll need a password to expand the archive; that password will be given out in class. A user’s manual comes with the download, but you can also view the manual on-line at The manual includes a very good "quick tour" which you might want to walk through.

The required reading for the Progress Portfolio is:

Loh, B., Radinsky, J., Reiser, B. J., Gomez, L. M., Edelson, D. C., & Russell, E. (1997). The Progress Portfolio: Promoting reflective inquiry in complex investigation environments. In R. Hall, N. Miyake, & N. Enyedy (Eds.), Proceedings of Computer Supported Collaborative Learning '97 (pp. 169-178). Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Using the Portfolio, work through the crime investigation activity; you can also find a copy of the html in the documentation that is distributed with the software. When you start up the Portfolio, you’ll find that you can actually open up a sample investigation. Feel free to look at this as an example, but I urge you to start a new project for your own investigations.