Crisis in Krasnovia is an Advise application developed at ILS.

One assigned reading was handed out in class:

Korcuska, M., Kass, A., & Jona, M. Y. (1996). Design Choices for Learning-by-Doing Software: When to Choose Advise. In Proceedings of the International Conference on the Learning Sciences (ICLS ’96: Evanston, IL) (pp. 196-203). AACE.

Other assigned readings include a user’s manual and a teacher’s manual, both available on the Web.

The software itself has been installed on the Mac outside of office 251-A (in the open area on the second floor). There is no set path which you must follow, but be sure to play with the software long enough to at least build a piece of a report, look at a few stories in the ASK system, and respond to feedback.