Schedule of Software Discussions

CS D37

Winter 1999


Jan. 5


Jan. 12

WorldWatcher/Create-A-World Task

Jan. 19

Knowledge Bases:

Crisis in Krasnovia (GBS)

Knowledge Integration Environment (Marcia Linn, UC Berkeley)

Jan. 26


Modeling termites in StarLogo (Mitchel Resnick, Uri Wilensky, MIT Media Lab)

Making art with HyperGami (Michael Eisenberg, U Colorado) CANCELLED

Feb. 2

Investigations with "Data"

BGUILE finch scenario (Brian Reiser)

Is it a Rembrandt? (GBS)

Feb. 9

Exploring Processes:

GenScope (Paul Horwitz, Concord Consortium)

Evaporation Lab (Ken Forbus)

Feb. 16

You're in Charge:

Fire Commander (GBS)

SimCity 2000 (Maxis Software)

Feb. 23

Scaffolds & Tutorial Intervention

Model-It (Elliot Soloway, U Mich)

Geometry Tutor (John Anderson, CMU)

Teaching Executive (Kemi Jona)

Mar. 2

Social Simulation


Choices Choices: On the Playground (Tom Snyder Productions)

Mar. 9

Task Structure

Collaboratory Notebook (Daniel Edelson)

Progress Portfolio (Brian Reiser, Louis Gomez & Daniel Edelson)