BGuILE (Biology Guided Inquiry Learning Environment) is a project of Brian Reiser’s research group at Northwestern’s School of Education and Social Policy.

You can download the software from:

The installer is password protected. In an attempt to try to keep it that way, I won’t list the password here; please contact Michael or one of your classmates for the password.

Install the Finch scenario and the corresponding documents. The user’s manual does a good job of walking you through the various features of the software. Please read through that and then freely explore the finches.

The assigned reading is on the class machine and also downloadable from

Tabak, I., & Reiser, B.J. Complementary Roles of Software-based Scaffolding and Teacher-Student Interactions in Inquiry Learning. In Proceedings of the 1997 Conference on Computer Support for Collaborative Learning (CSCL '97), December 10-14, 1997 Toronto, Canada.