Educational Software Architectures

Welcome to the CS D37 Home Page for the 1998-99 Winter Quarter! Here, you’ll find general information about the course, related documents, and specific information on assignments and grades.

(…including basics on assignments, policies, and contact information)
Software Schedule
(…a listing of the software to be considered through the quarter)
(…everything we could think of that you might want to know about your assignments)
D37 Design Framework
(…the questions you should answer in designing your own learning environments)
Danny Edelson’s Create-A-World Analysis
Chris Riesbeck’s Creanimate Analysis
Considering Learning Technologies
(…kinds of questions you might want to consider when evaluating a learning environment)

Added 2/23/99:

Myths, Lures, Traps and Pitfalls
(... or, why do good designers go bad?")
The 6 Habits of Highly Effective Course Designers
(... just one less than Covey's 7 Habits)

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