Developing a Product Vision

Common Mistakes

A miracle occurs Features, not payoff

Defining A Product is Hard

  • You need to focus on a real pain point...
  • ... but pain is not your product
  • You want claim it's easy, fun, simple, powerful ...
  • ... but these are challenges, not solutions
  • You want to solve all problems ...
  • ... but the sum of "eh" features is "eh"

Design by Storytelling

  • Kim Goodwin's Storytelling by Design
  • Write a scenario
    • Context, Persona, Problem, Payoff
  • One part matters more than all the rest...

One Scene

  • Start by visualizing the one scene that shows why your product matters
  • It has to be specific, visual, self-descriptive...
  • ... just like a good user interface
  • Then fill in the story around it

The 4-Panel Storyboard