Metrics = Dashboard Gauges

Spotify's Health Check

Metrics and Causes

Metrics, Ilities, Levers

Something easily measured
Something you care about
Something you change

Metric Mistakes

  • Measuring what's easy to count, not what's important
  • Measuring how often you do something, not the health of the project
  • Measuring one-time issues
  • Using metrics to evaluate people
  • Common software metric pitfalls

The Standard Metrics For Success

And Why They're Wrong

  • On time
  • On budget
  • As specified
  • None of these are necessary or sufficient for a successful project

The True Metrics For Success

  • Happy Client
    • Liked what they got, how they got it, want more
  • Happy Team
    • Liked what they did, want to do more
  • Happy Company
    • Made money, impressed clients, keeping and attracting top developers