Client Projects

Day One

No Time to Waste!

  • They have a brand new not very clear idea
  • They need to start testing it in a week
  • They need to demo in five weeks
  • You haven't a clue what they want

Project Kickoff Meeting

  • Before: Initial exchange of info
  • During:
    • Bond
    • Get big picture
    • Define meeting and information protocols
    • Define first slice

Initial exchange of info

  • Make a Google team slide with
    • Team name, member pictures, emails, brief bios (major, home, hobbies, ...)
    • Clearly identify the team's contact person
    • How to most quickly schedule the face to face kickoff meeting
  • Email to your client(s) with subject line Greetings from EECS 394 Team name
  • Clients should send back information about themselves, their four-panel, and other project materials

Contact Points

  • One contact person on each team
    • sends all inter-team emails
    • CCs everyone on both teams
    • gently points out when counterpart does not CC everyone
  • Purpose:
    • Easy tracking of communications
    • Fewer mixed messages
    • Promote team discussion before replying

Your First Deliverables

  • Key value prop to be testable within a week, demoed in class:
    • Almost always a functional version of panel 3 of the storyboard
  • First draft version by mid-week check-in
  • Link client can use to access your backlog (Trello, Github projects, ...
    • Try to avoid a Google doc

Client meetings

  • Twice a week
    • hour-long face-to-face review and planning
    • half-hour midweek check-in about 3 days later
  • Active listening at every meeting
    • Have a designated notetaker
    • Listen more than talk
    • Email a summary of immediate tasks and questions within 24 hours