About This Course


There are three deliverables for this course.

  • Your team project
  • Your client project
  • You and your team

The third is most important in the long run.

How This Course Works

  • Build / Reflect / Improve / Repeat
  • Learn by doing, not listening to lectures
  • The biggest effort comes at project start
    • now and again in 5 weeks
  • Class is for discussion, setting goals, doing work
    • Attendance is critical

Key resources


  • 80 points for two team project × your CATME contribution factor
  • up to 20 points individual assessment
  • See the course page for details

Individual Assessment

  • How you contribute to the development of the project AND the team, as judged by the team
  • How you contribute in class
  • What skills you demonstrate in retrospective analyses

Teams: Some Assembly Required

Team tasks