Client Project Checklist

What you need now

  • Working contact emails
  • Fixed, well-attended midweek checkin
  • Working prototype delivered
  • Team task tracker and note master
  • Shared document space
  • Shared project backlog
  • Shared iteration taskboard

Working Prototype

  • An end-to-end user-testable implementation of the payoff panel
    • Real or realistic data in a backend data
    • Rendered to a simple but attractively clean UI
  • Start with a walking skeleton
  • Architect for change
    • YAGNI
    • Isolate dubious decisions

Team Roles

  • Task tracker
    • Manages list of undone tasks and deadlines
    • Asks who is doing this, is it done yet, ...
    • Raises the red flag early
  • Note taker
    • Takes notes during (not after) client meetings
      • Must resist being too active in conversation
    • Prepares client summary, with notes from rest of team
  • Both of these can be rotating roles
    • If rotating, schedule who does what and when now
    • Check for upcoming schedule conflicts

Shared document space

  • Create a subfolder in Client Project Documents
  • Label with client team name
  • Share this link with your clients
  • Encourage them to put documents here
  • Move ones they create elsewhere here

Product backlog

  • If a Google doc, put in shared folder
  • User stories, not coding tasks, research questions, ...
  • All stories currently active in the backlog
  • Priority order (resist using numbers)
  • With story points
  • I recommend scenario canvas slides

Iteration Taskboard

  • Trello or some similar tool is best
  • Editable by clients and developers
  • Only stories for the current and next iteration
  • All stories with acceptance test example and UI sketches
    • Even better if also user testing plans
  • Clients sort stories in Ready to do
  • Clients move stories from Ready to review to Done