Agile Quickstart

What you need to know right now

  • How to build your first slice in less than a week
  • How to build your team

What to build first

Vertical end to end working slice


  • End to end, from backend database to frontend user interface
  • Only what is needed to let a user see or do something, not a bit more
  • A one-button app (or simpler!)
  • Epicenter design

Payoff First

Panel 3 of 4-panel storyboard specific enough for developers to build, users to buy.

How to work

  • Swarm! Gang up on the problem. Mob program.
  • Right now: Schedule 2 or 3 team hackathons in some room in the next few days
  • Work on one user story at a time
  • Pair program as much as possible
  • Test, commit, deploy, demo something new as fast as possible
    • Every 10 minutes or so