Course Goals

Yours and Mine

My Goals for You

  • To be more attractive to employers
    • A portfolio of two serious mobile projects
    • Working experience with
      • source control
      • team formation and improvement
      • agile development methods
      • client communication
      • (maybe) continuous integration
  • To have more successful software projects
    • Better communication with client
    • Better team processes
    • Value-first development methods

Approach to Learning

  • Build / Reflect / Improve / Repeat
  • Learn by doing
    • Doing comes first
    • Once burned, then you learn
  • Your development problems are not new — solutions are in
  • Class meetings are for discussion and getting work done


  • "Honestly, how well you work with your team will make or break your experience in this course. If you have a good team, this will be one of the most awesome EECS courses you'll take. If not, it'll be just another big project that you need to get done."
  • "Make sure you get a good group. If your group isn't good this class is a monumental pain."
  • Myths about teams:

Technical Stuff

  • "Riesbeck doesn't teach you anything about coding or web or mobile. He just talks about Agile. I guess that's the whole point of the class, though, so it's not all that bad"
  • "I would have loved to see a tiny bit of technology being taught in class."