December 5: Final project deliverable due
December 1: Client Demos, Team Advice in Ford ITW. Demo Times
November 30: In-class demos, client advice writing task.
November 18: Iteration planning with clients! Saturday 11:00am Ford ITW
November 10: Iteration planning with clients! Friday 10:30am Chambers Hall (Foster St), lower level
November 9: Ionic testing activity
November 4: Iteration planning with clients! Saturday 11:00am Ford ITW
November 2: Purple / Yellow team demos. Client project demos.
October 27: Meet your clients! 10:30am Ford ITW
October 26: New Team Meet and Prep
October 26: Final Team Project Demo: In-class app demos and wrap up discussion.
October 17: Google visit
October 9: Start of weekly coaching meetings and Retrospective reports
September 26: First demo!
September 21: Hybrid setup report and four-panel storyboard.
September 19 Day One -- What each team needs to prepare for the first day of class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Tech M164


Chris Riesbeck


Four-Panel Storyboard Task

Create a four-panel storyboard. Be visual but don't get hung up on art. Grab clip art and photos from the web. Thinking about what to put in the storyboard may take hours, but limit the time constructing it to 20 minutes. The goal is to quickly and clearly nail down your first slice of value.

Put your storyboard in shared Team Storyboards slide set. Try to follow the template form there, i.e.,

The most critical element is Panel 3. Panel 3 should be large, and give a clear view of a specific app screen (mockup) delivering the payoff to the user.

Key User Stories for Panel 3

  • Buy? As a potential user, I see enough in Panel 3 to know what I'd be buying.
  • Build? As a developer, I see enough in panel 3 to know what to build.

Common mistakes with Panel 3:

The Nurse's Aide example shows what a good Panel 3 has. The screenshot has specific data. A nurse could tell if this makes sense right away. A developer would know what to build, at least for the data and display, right way.

Less is more. Apple's Apple Watch ads manage to show a payoff scene in less than 10 seconds, with no words at all.

If you need help, post to Piazza.