Travis CI set up notes -- how to set up the Travis Continuous Integration server for building React apps and deploying to Firebase
Quick, React! -- my first draft at a modern React tutorial. Ready for review. Post questions, bugs, requests, on Piazza.
Learn React Task -- a personal activity to help everyone learn (or practice) building React apps the modern way
React: Old vs New -- a demonstration of how functional React is simpler to code than old React.
First Demo Task -- due Tuesday
Team React Setup Task and Four-Panel Storyboard Task -- What each team needs to have done before the second class!
Day One Task -- What each team needs to be ready to present on the first class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Tech A110


Chris Riesbeck


Demo #1 Task

You've built your first app slice. Time to show it off with a demo!

You have at most 3 minutes to demo. To make the most of it,

Product Box

A product box should quickly convey what your app is supposed to do, in a familiar format, namely the description you would expect to see if this were a package on a shelf, or an entry on an app store.

The key components of a product box are:

Demo Story

Do NOT give a feature tour. Feature tours are the worst possible way to demo an app, and terrible at guiding app design. Microsoft Word has thousands of features. Most of them are never used.

The right way to demo is with a story. A story has realistic people in a realistic situation. They have a problem. Your app comes to the rescue and solves the problem. That's what a demo needs to tell. That's all a demo needs to tell.

A good demo story tells you what you need to implement first. For more on designing with stories, see Storytelling by Design by Kim Goodwin.

Questions? Ask your team mates. Still unclear? Post questions to Piazza.