Quick, React! -- my first draft at a modern React tutorial. Ready for review. Post questions, bugs, requests, on Piazza.
Learn React Task -- a personal activity to help everyone learn (or practice) building React apps the modern way
React: Old vs New -- a demonstration of how functional React is simpler to code than old React.
First Demo Task -- due Tuesday
Team React Setup Task and Four-Panel Storyboard Task -- What each team needs to have done before the second class!
Day One Task -- What each team needs to be ready to present on the first class!


TTh 11am - 12:20am


Tech A110


Chris Riesbeck


Client Project Wrap Up

It's time to wrap up the client project. This task is one of your most critical activities. There's more involved than just stopping. This is where you prepare the project for future developers. That includes:

See the slides on finishing a project for the various actions that you need to take.

Your Task

Create or edit your project's file to document the above and anything else that's relevant. Use Github markdown to format and create working links. Document

Submit the URL of your to the assignment on Canvas.

Follow the pattern of other github projects:

The README template is OK to give you an empty shell, but you need to look at the above to see how to give setup instructions, known dependencies and deficiencies, and so on.