Setting up the CSP Solver

The AIMA Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver is part of the "search" package. it comes with utilities for loading and testing packages. To load and test the search package, including the Constraint Satisfaction Problem Solver:

Get the current version of the AIMA code from the AIMA home page.

In aima.lisp, edit the line indicated at the start of the file to say
(defparameter *aima-root* *load-truename*)

Load aima.lisp using the File | Load menu command for your Lisp.

This should load both aima.lisp and a number of utility files. If you get a message about redefining copy-array, just let it do it. If you see other messages, post them.

Evaluate (aima-load 'search).

This should load all the search-related files.

Evaluate (test 'search).

This should generate a ton of printout as various search problems are tested. Note that some might take a while. If you compile the code first, it goes a lot faster. To do compile the code:

Evaluate (aima-compile 'search).

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