Computer Science CS 337
Intro to Semantic Information Processing Fall 2000
general guidelines



Assignment 2 is due on Tuesday. Nancy Hacker wants to turn on the assignment on time, but she is not quite done. After reading the submission guidelines, she figures out that she has a free bonus day, so the assignment is really due on Wednesday. Moreover, it is on hacker time. 5AM Thursday is still Wednesday for people who live fast and work late. If she turns in the assignment after 5AM Thursday, she will lose half of the points.

Nancy also understands that she has to prove that her program runs. Being a sensitive hacker that she is, she knows that she has to include sample output, AND she has to make it easy to read, otherwise the TA gets pissed off.

She sends in the assignment by email before 5AM Thursday and she puts the paper copy in the mailbox "Shamma" when she happens to be in the CS department.

The long version:

You have to hand in assignments BOTH in hardcopy and by email. The hardcopy should be the printout of the file attached in the email. Those two submissions should be completely redundant. The email has to get in by the deadline, and you can place the hard copy in my mailbox (shamma) when you come for the  next class or before. One exception is the Ambiguity assignment that can be handed in hardcopy only.

Email submissions to with the subject line "Assignment #x" where x is the number of the assignment. 

You should attach ONE document containing your entire assignment to the email. The document name should be Axlastname_firstinnitial and whatever extension is appropriate. x stands for assignment number. So, for assignment 3 I would send an email with the subject line "Assignment #3" containing the file A3krema_m.doc. 

I take 5 points off  all the submissions that do not follow these rules. So think a bit before you send.