The Simplified Deductive Data Retriever is a simple logic system that supports basic backward chaining rules. It's a subset of the Deductive Data Retriever. It can do the same illustrative test cases, but doesn't support tracing or forward chaining, it doesn't keep a global knowledge base, and it uses simpler internal code.

Setting up the Deductive Retriever

Compile and load retriever.lisp. The key functions exported from the package retriever are:

Note that only backward-chaining rules are allowed. Facts should be given as rules with no antecents, e.g.,

Testing the Retriever

retriever-tests.lisp contains several example test cases. This file requires the Retriever and the Lisp Unit package.

Loading this file creates the package retriever-tests. This is a good place to experiment with different rule bases.

For more information on backward chaining, see here and here.

Faculty: Chris Riesbeck
Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am - 11:50am
Location: Tech LR5


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