Getting DITTO on the Web

The final project for this course is a team effort to get DITTO up on the Web, i.e., to make it possible for someone using a Web browser such as Netscape to type in that they're interested in butterflies with claws, and get back a page of relevant stories from the class story base.

For a quick primer on the Web, click here, but there's tons of stuff out there on Web. I particularly like the resources at The Art of HTML.

This project is only for students at B or higher in the current standing. The others have to do the basics first.

Click here to see the current set of teams. Email your TA to join a team or change the one you're on.

Click here to go to the DITTO Web server. Warning: this server is very unstable.


Here's a rough sketch of the different parts of DITTO, and how they relate to different Web page interfaces. The flow of events is from left to right until the first set of stories is seen after which the Dialog Manager and the user may either decide to see more stories or return to the page that discusses the animal being designed, i.e., the page that initially says "What kind of animal do you want?"


Here are some of the things that will need to be done, and who can or should do them. More will surely be discovered. Some of these tasks are major, some are easy.