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Assignment 3

Web Assistant Implementation


To implement the rules for the Web Search Assistant you developed in Assignment 2.

What to do:

  1. Read whatever comments I wrote on your paper and my general comments.
  2. Fix your category and rules accordingly.
  3. Define MOPs to represent your question category and the concepts it refers to.
  4. Define DMAP phrases to recognize those concepts, binding any slots as necessary.
  5. Define a Lisp function that modifes a question in list form to form a query, following the rules you defined.
  6. Add a query-modifier slot to your question MOP and set the filler of the slot to the name of your Lisp function.
  7. Define a DMAP monitor that calls the query-modifier on any MOP recognized.
  8. Define a test function, similar to dmap-test.lisp, that adds your monitor to your question category, parses a question, and returns the modified query.
  9. Test your rules on your original examples and others, preferrably real queries from novice users, e.g., roommates. Include questions that look superficially similar to your category but are not really relevant.
  10. Measure what if any improvement you get in searching. Fix your rules and try again.

Note that this major division of labor:

What to hand in:

Put your mops, phrases, and Lisp code from above in one file.

Email that file to c25@ils.nwu.edu

Put the file in the email message. Do not use attachments.

Comments? Send mail to Chris Riesbeck.