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Assignment 2

Web Search Rules


To find good rules for our Web Search Assistant.

What to do:

  1. Find and read several of sets of suggestions on how to form good queries for a particular kind of question. Start here, but don't limit yourself to what's there.
  2. Develop a rule or set of rules for handling some specific category of questions.
  3. Test your rules on a couple different examples of the category.

The rules should suggest things such as

One way to generate such rules is to look at some sites with large amounts of related information. Then think about how you know when to go that site and when not to. For example, how do you know when to go the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com)? It can't be if the word "movie" is in the query, because

What to hand in:

A typed description on paper -- not email, not handwritten -- describing, in this order:

Note the difference here between a question and a query.

For example, our in-class example might be described thus (though this is too short and thin):

Comments? Send mail to Chris Riesbeck.