Set Up a Web Service

Read about JSON-based web services. If you've not encountered JSON before, follow the links to read about that as well.

Follow the instructions to download, install, register the Simple Server code as a Quicklisp local project. This includes the JSON Demo code as an example.

Then follow the instructions to load the JSON Demo, and start the server.

Now open the link http://localhost:8000/json-demo/demo.html and do the following tasks. Copy the results asked for, to submit in your report.

POST Data Demo

Use the POST Data Demo fields to save the values 7, 2, 7, 5, sent one at a time, in that order, in the variable foo. Save the value 3 in the variable baz. Copy the final text that appears under Saved Data for your report. If no data appears, find and fix your bug.

GET Exported Symbols Demo

Use the GET Exported Symbols Demo fields to get Lisp symbols exported from the COMMON-LISP package that contain the substring "rand". Copy the results for your report. If no names appear, find and fix your bug.

External Check (just for fun)

If you know what your external IP address is, you can try call your server from another site. E.g., go to RIT's JSON Explorer and enter the URL http://your IP address:8000/exports?name=rand.

Faculty: Chris Riesbeck
Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 11am - 11:50am
Location: Tech LR5


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