Web Services and XML-RPC

Set up and test the S-XML-RPC library for calling and defining XML-RPC web services in Lisp. For more information on S-XML-RPC, see my notes and the S-XML-RPC web site.

Download S-XML and S-XML-RPC

Follow the instructions in my lecture notes on XML-RPC. However, instead of getting the CVS code, which lacks support for Allegro, download my s-xml-rpc.zip. This contains, for your convenience, the current versions of both S-XML and S-XML-RPC, the ASDF system definition library, and a copy of load-s-xml.lisp. Extract the files in the Zip archive into your personal CS 325 code directory.

Compile and load S-XML and S-XML-RPC

First you need to load ASDF.

Now load load-s-xml.lisp. This should compile and load both S-XML and S-XML-RPC, and add S-XML-RPC to the packages used by cs325-user.


Try these XML-RPC method calls:

   (encode-xml-rpc-call "examples.getStateName" 41)
   :host "betty.userland.com")

  (encode-xml-rpc-call "math.SumAndDifference" 5 2)
  :host "www.cookcomputing.com"
  :url "/xmlrpcsamples/math.rem")

If you find other publicly available XML-RPC services, post them to the newsgroup.

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